BM 2013 ~ 2of2

Burning Man 2013 – Album 1 of 2

Into the Awe!

Another 200+ photos from the Burning Man event – a slight hint at the magic and awe we experienced there.

9th year in a row for me – 3rd for Tammy Remington, my partner in life and AnomalyWorksNYC.

(Includes photos from our “Press Button For Quick Service : A Life/Art Performance Piece”  in Reno, Nevada – also documented here.)

“(Joseph) Campbell’s first requirement was that mythology must inspire awe in the universe. Modern America was built on biblical desert mythologies, even if most Americans would want to do anything but live in such an environment today. Standing in the middle of the Playa — the art-driven center of the camp — at 2 a.m., whipping yourself around to find a perfect circumference of lights, mutant vehicles and sound systems the size of midtown Manhattan clubs is, to say the least, awe-inspiring.”
>        The entire article, The Mythology of Burning Man, by Derek Beres, HERE.

“This cat’s 9th life on the playa, his puurtner Tammy’s 3rd!”

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