CiaoCiaoJohn Evans

In late September I received a telephone voicemail from my friend John Evans.  He was calling because he had received my post card from Black Rock City/Burning Man – and wanted to say hello.

A note on my computer reminded me to call John the first weekend in October, but I never got the opportunity – John passed away that Friday, the 5th.

I relistened to that voicemail message he sent over and over – ending, as his messages always did, with the sweetest  “ciao, ciao”.

Last night I recorded the message off my telephone, imported the “ciao, ciao” into my computer and with various audio software played with it, reshaping it into this one minute audio-montage.

I wish you had an address John, where I could mail this little bit of craziness, with love.

10 November 2012

click here to listen > Ciao, Ciao, John Evans! <

It includes a fragment of “Hot Dog, You Bet!”, an audio-collage that John liked. Hear it HERE.
About “Hot Dog, You Bet!”

John Evans obituary in The Villager.


At John’s apartment, 21 September 2011.