Beethoven’s 5th Nightmare

“Beethoven’s Fifth Nightmare” ~ aleXander hirka

audio-montage –  approx 1972

It was the early 1970′s

I had a need to express myself in sound.

I was handicapped by the lack of ability — and the discipline — to play any musical instruments.

In my little apartment in Chicago, I had two small cassette players and one reel-to-reel gizmo.

Inspired by “Revolution #9” by The Beatles — as well as other experimental music that had made its way to my ears.

I set about composing this piece.


Due to the abundant sharing of music now occurring via YouTube, I recently discovered John Cage’s “Rozart Mix” (1965) and was amazed at the similarities to my piece.

The Beatles mash-up in the second half of my piece predates The Residents somewhat similar ideas in “Beyond the Valley of a Day In The Life” by a few years.

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Beethoven’s Fifth Nightmare ~ Part One (7:23) •


• Beethoven’s Fifth Nightmare ~ Part 2 (7:55) •


Chicago, August 1975  (photo by Christa)

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