Nigh Trip

In an effort to get creative discipline into my schedule I decided to create one new photo-montage per day for the month of October 2012.  With a full-time job,  and also a full-time life, this quickly became a bit of a stressful endeavor. I persevered and even amidst the additional whirlwind (sic) of a monster storm hitting New York City I completed the project only one day behind.

The driving idea was to try and create a story-line to go along with the images.  I work exclusively with my own photography, so daily I would take more photos to extend the visual possibilities. Every day I would attempt to compose the next episode in the story – with no planned direction for the narrative.   There were many days I just floated the story on top of the images (suggesting mid-point that all of what was happening was as a result of the subject of the narrative ingesting a hallucinogenic drug).  Within the last week I chose to attempt a link between the end of the story and the beginning ~ the end , the beginning; a mobius strip loop of a tale.

Hop aboard ~ the Trip is Nigh.

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“Nigh Trip”

“A Story in 31 Scenarios, Utilizing a Long Strand of Shadows.”

“A Story in 31 Scenarios, Utilizing a Long Strand of Shadows.”

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