The Gullible Mass


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“The Gullible Mass (Expectations From Below)

AleXander Hirka (photography and digital montage)

all photographs taken in New York City & Black Rock City additional Cargo Cult member image submissions from Vermont, Hong Kong, and Florida

40″x40″ – on display at Center Camp, Burning Man 2013 Cargo Cult, Aug 26 – Sept 1, Black Rock City, Nevada



A companion booklet – including the short story “A Gullible God (Expectation from Above)” by T. Remington, will be distributed at Burning Man 2013 next to the above artwork in Center Camp. You may read the story and see the associated booklet artwork at the Anomaly Works NYC blog, on August 23rd, here!


The last three years’ pieces:
Burning Man 2012:
Burning Man 2011:
Burning Man 2010:



Viewers of the art – and comments left behind in the little notebook!

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 This art is awesome! Beautiful.  ~ Love, Raven and Phoenix (Seattle)

Love it.  🙂 ~ Renata (Lithuania)

I love this piece (Gullible Mass).  Thank you for the perspective.
~ Little Sister 6:50 & I

Your art is amazing – it draws you in from far away.
~ w/<3   Squeeze

Brilliant work.

Phenomenal work – what a trip it all is.  Fascinating alteration of perspective!


incredible piece of work.  keep doing what you are doing.   🙂

You are incredible! Don’t stop.
Get it X2

Love it! ~ LL

Thank you!

Beautiful + Captivating. Nice subject and title. 🙂

Your creativity and beauty is amazing. Gina  🙂

Keep up the good work! ~ Z FoolMeret

art4Great job!

Thanks. Keep up the Good Work.

Absolutely Fan-Fucking-Tastic!!! ~ Eva and Rohn

^ I agree! ~ Ryan

So True.

<3  You’re WonderSoul  <3
~ Love from France

Oh my fucking god – Love!

art20So beautiful.  Please keep me in the loop  🙂
~ defythesyntax

Its trippy, I love it!

Keep me posted on everything you do!
~ Stephanie.louise

AleXander – cool! ~ Barney


The Bless.

Absolutely Stellar!  I saw myself.

So true.

Lets collab >  Great collage!! ~ Andrej


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAShips sail across the sky painting murals in the night.
I count them as they pass me by,
Stars and shapes inside my mind.

UFOs fuck it!

I have received an incredible message through your energy!
~ Yensi and Leroy

Hard to do! Amazing!

Nice One.

I so love the piece.  It touched me very deeply!!! I laughed I smiled. ~ Hauptman

Love the details and interaction of the symbols and damn what a lot of cutting out in Photoshop. Thank you for your creativity. ~ Clarissa


Your work inspires me! ~ Michael

666 is money.

These are great – Do it another year.

Tell me, is this partially a critique of burning Man culture in respect to consumerism? ~ nailay

art1AWE fuckingmazing!


Thank You & Everyone.

^ you’re welcome.



Beautiful.  Thank you.  Hugs! ! ! J

Let it happen

Thank you so much! This is my first burn and the creativity and dedication to creating art is blowing me away. I am so inspired! I cannot wait to get more involved. ~ Billy DeLyon

Truth ~ D

Detachment from
all the thing
all outcomes
all cargo
all cults
embracing detachment


36 x 36 highest quality giclée prints of this piece are now available ~ HERE.



I would like to thank Philip Riley at Skink Ink Fine Art Printing once again for his outstanding high-quality printing work.

For the third year in a row I have chosen to have it printed on tyvek, which stands up better to the harsh environment of Burning Man while maintaining an absolutely amazing print quality.