Give A Man A Movie Camera



“Seamless” ~ the book
65 Songs
Anomalous Duo (the trailer
MOIST (a cinémontage) – The Trailer


Two Stories Up!
Gatsby First & Last
Topsy Turvy


Santa Elena Canyon, Big Bend National Park, Texass
The Wind Farm, Texas
Daffoldil Hill – Bronx Botanical Gardens
Dali Dolly Goes To The Bronx Botanical Gardens
Central Park West
Roosevelt Island Tram
Geese Over Winooski, Vermont
Light Show at Grand Central Station
Yoko Ono’s “Imagine Peace” sing-a-long in Time Square
“Buckeyeball” – light installation – Madison Square Park
Saks Fifth Avenue – 3D Building Projections – Xmas 2012
Watching traffic from The Highline
Xmas in NYC


Woodstock (My Well Spent 18 Dollars)
Carlo Pittore – paintings and shaving
Intro To Woody Allen’s “Manhattan” – Brooklyn Bridge Park  (2011)
Bristol, Vermont – 1998 flooding
Bernie Sanders – Coney Island – 10 April 2016 –
          Part 1 (introduced by Michael Stipe)
Bernie Sanders – Coney Island – 10 April 2016 – Part 2
Egg Nogobov (The Russia Conspiracy)


Hot Dog, You Bet!  (Audio collage by AleXander Hirka)
Pack Up Your Sorrows – The Chinless Butterballs


Guitar Duo magic on NYC subway station
How Deep Is Your Love (Bee Gees) – The German Subway Passengers
Impromptu Beat Box and Chorus Collaboration on Subway Station
The Spanks singing on Bleecker Street
Pere Ubu/David Thomas at Bowery Ballroom (2013)
Yoko Ono at Bowery Ballroom, w Sean Lennon, et al (2013)
Yoko Ono& John Zorn ‘ :live” at Spinning On Air anniversary event
A Celebration of Tuli Kupferberg’s 90th Birthday
“Has She Got A Friend” – Nick Lowe at Lincoln Center (Damrosch Bandshell)
Onions! – Cynthia Hopkins
“Living Hell” – Tiger Lillies (encore) – Rime of Ancient Mariner – Prospect Park
“In C” By Terry Riley (1964) all-accordion ensemble in Central Park
Mexican Street Musicians – NYC – Broadway, near Astor Place
Sparks at Webster Hall, NYC 28 October 2013
Sparks – the Mael brothers switch roles
Born Bred Corn Fed – Reverend Peyton & His Big Damn Band
Reverend Peyton plays Charlie Patton
Clap Your Hands – Reverend Peyton & His Big Damn Band
East Come Easy Go – Reverend Peyon’s Big Damn Band
Kraftwerk in NYC in 2014 (in3D)
Woody Allen Montreal 29 June 2008 (3 short clips)
Springtime in New York – Jonathan Richman
Autumn In New York – Jason Marshall Quartet w/ special guest Hilary Gardner
The Procession of Ghosts and Ghouls – Cathedral of St. John the Divine – 2012
F.W. Murnau’s “Nosferatu” at St. John the Divine Cathedral, NYC
I Feel Fine – Beatles (John Lennon) – people at Strawberry Fields NYC 10/9/2012
Organ recital – St. John The Divine, NYC
Hoop & Violin – Central Park, NYC


One World Orgasm Day – AUGUST 8
AleXander Hirka on the Revolting News Show
Glass – words by T. Remington (short story reading)
Author T. Remington cameo in film “Shortbus”
This Conversation Can Serve No Purpose Anymore (Hal 2001)


Anomalous Duo @ Burning Man 2018
Burning Man 2017
Walking To The Temple – Burning Man 2017
Once Upon A Time At John’s Homestead (2018)
A Ride To Center Camp (2018)
Attention Span (Center Camp 2018)
The Anomalous Duo at Burning Man NYC Regional 2015
Burning Man 2013 with the Anomalous Duo
PlayaDust Exchange Station, Burning Man 2013
Burning Man 2012
Greeters – Burning Man 2012
Thunderdome – Burning Man 2012
The Man Burns – Burning Man 2012
Cosmic PlayaCycle [AleXander’s Big Adventure] ~ The Trailer (2011)
Burning Man 2010 – Root Society – Tower Of Babel screen
Burning Man 2008 – Wheel of Thwarted Ambition
BlinkyMan Burning Man 2008
Burning Man 2008 – playa bike ride
Double rainbow at Burning Man 2007
Burning Man 2006  – Spinning Fish Thing
Leaving Burning Man  – 2005