“Religion Of Robots [Manufacturing Awe]”

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34″x 29″ – on display at Center Camp, Burning Man 2018 ~
Aug 26 – Sept 4, Black Rock City, Nevada



a companion booklet

featuring the short story “Eye, Robot” by T. Remington,

was distributed at Burning Man 2018 next to the above artwork in Center Camp.

Photos from the exhibition.

Comments from the guest booklet.

love your art – you inspire and awe me <3 Miss Bunny

“I wanna write something on there” (simple line across the page) Levi, age 3, 2018

WOAH….Torin age 6

Nice work once again! I like the bird and your cameo on the right! <3 G

I was first, not the other on the other side. You are awesome; makes me think I should be focused on selflessly being good.

This is incredible. Beautiful and thought provoking.

You are doing a good job. Bonnie. <3

Incredible. Dali-esque. Brutha Luv

Super dope! Keep crushing! <3

Thank you! Art captured my eye!

Self expression is one of the highest forms of love. Your love is POWERFUL.


The religion of robots is to become man.

From consciousness comes mind. From mind comes man. From man comes robots. What will the robots create? Are we afraid of that? Is there a difference in any of it?

Can I help create human consciousness?

We are meant to explore, express, and exude the limitlessness of the universe. We’re just star poop after all!

What a world. What a life.

<3 The Future <3

I <3 your art! T.I.

I never have anything interesting to say. So there!!!

Simply amazing. Please share more of your wishes  

Can’t stop looking at this…

It doesn’t matter what others think about! Embrace yourself. Love yourself. You are fucking awesome. Sparkle on meow

This is amazing how you express yourself. This is truly beautiful.

(Couldn’t decipher; probably Russian) Simona

Mesmerizing Riki

As always so much to take in and think about. I love the colors and the way my eye is drawn to the center butterfly. <3 Pam

The day will come when human-robot love will be a common as Facebook.

Nice but confusing

Keep up the good work everyone – Frog!

Love everybody and yourself.

Hope this is NOT another anti-science campaign! Science. Bitches: IT WORKS

Inspiration <3

The beauty and the chaos / the thought and the numb / where does the brain end / and the soul begin. Be loud. Share your voice. Ic.worldWarArt

<3 Let love guide you on <3


@ the end of the day, no one knows what they’re doing, or where they are going. Xoxo Alysson

2018 Happy Burn Vivian Hsu  

You are awesome! Dino. Nice thanks! Amazing!! <3<3<3

How can any of us ever be enough? There’s no comparison between emotion / efficiency. Which do you choose?


Amazing! Congratulations and keep working! (can’t make out the name) Portugal

How can I get a copy of this? It’s fantastic.  15 yrs burning

We are yes! On or off the pedestal human or not we continue to be and you have captured this so perfectly. Thank you! Fin

Challenge humanity. <3

You are an expression of the Universe coming to an awareness of itself. You are EXACTLY where you are meant to be, simply because you are experiencing it. Nobody is you-er than you except YOU!!!

Don’t judge. Appreciate different perspectives and grow your world view.

See the fire in your self and see the fire in another.

You have created beauty. You are a god. <3 PRIZM

Humanity in its whole

Find your passion then follow it

What an amazing piece of work. Keep it up! Express yourself! Love yourself!

Live your life to the full <3

Burner forces entropy & sintropy. Creation & Destruction.

Thank you for you. It’s lovely <3 (can’t make out the name)

Thank you for sharing something you love. (can’t make out the name)

You are amazing

Let’s fucking make it! Ed

Don’t be scared to be! Break free! <3

The art is just beautiful you showed a powerful (hard to make out the word) example of actual lovely art. Thanks for the art.

Rainbow <3

I’m here with a miserable person who doesn’t know how to love others.

Super job – Dawson

Every time you’ve ever thought it was the end of the world it was not. Thus far it’s 100% likely that you are invincible.