I Ain’t Marchin Anymore

I Ain’t Marchin Anymore (2002)


During the Desert Storm mini-series I put together a music cassette tape for my friends
titled “License To Kill – Songs Against Swords”.

Both the technology serving life and joy, and the technology serving death and horror, have advanced over the years.
In 2002, war hunger was at fever pitch again, and I was in front of a CD recorder.

What sort of slingshot is a CD of music against the powers of jets and bombs and the latest justifications being manufactured to produce the current roar of weaponry and marching kid’s feet.

I have put together this CD collection of songs in opposition to the current batch  of manipulative and deceiving masters of war, and their slaves.

The vast majority of radiowaves, along with other media, have joined in sheepish behavior, making sure not to step out of line by playing anything controversial against the culture’s current state of blind patriotism.

May these songs, these words, be heard, be sung.

Videos for some of these songs, via YouTube.

Send In The Marines – Tom Lehrer

I Ain’t Marchin’ Anymore – Phil Ochs

War – Edwin Starr

One More Parade – Phil Ochs (performed by They Might Be Giants)

War Party – Eddy Grant

Political Science – Randy Newman

Universal Soldier- Donovan

Some Mother’s Son – The Kinks

Maria – Country Joe & The Fish

Stop The War – Edwin Starr

And No Man Can Find The War – Tim Buckley

With God On Our Side – Aaron Neville (Bob Dylan)

Where Have All The Flowers Gone – Pete Seeger

Masters Of War – Sam Bradley (Bob Dylan)

The Great Mandala (TheWheel of Life) – Peter Paul & Mary

Give Peace A Chance – Plastic Ono Band

Imagine – John Lennon