– from a year of many kinds of journeys ~

All over the road. . .
Existential. Emotional. Chemical.

Identity. Love. Romance. Escape. Hope.
Disillusionment. Mortality. Progress. Motion. Disorientation.
Horizons. Differences. Distances.
Meaning. Process. Time.
Circles. Endings. Perspectives.

• cover art & compilation by aleXander hirka
15 August 2009

inside cover photo by Christa Hood-Stubblefield

Song Titles

1 Road To Nowhere – Talking Headsroadtonowhere

2 Any Road – George Harrison
3 Down The Road – Van Morrison
4 All Roads To The River – Janis Ian
5 Eye On The Road – Bob Neuwirth
6 Hang On St. Christopher – Tom Waits
7 Asleep At The Wheel – Corky Siegel
8 Two For The Road – Patricia Barber
9 Detour Ahead – Kurt Elling
10 Rules Of The Road – Rosemary Clooney
11 This Road Is Long – Stuart A. Staples
12 Refuge Of The Roads – Joni Mitchell
13 On The Road Again – Canned Heat
14 Dirt Road Blues – Bob Dylan
15 Here I Go Again – Country Joe & The Fish
16 This Old Road – Kris Kristofferson
17 The Long Road – Eddie Vedder & Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
18 Further On Up the Road – Johnny Cash
19 Road – Nick Drake
20 Doroha [The Road] – The Ukrainians

Talking Heads video Road To Nowhere

I’ve been traveling on a wing and a prayer
By the skin of my teeth by the breadth of a hair
Traveling where the four winds blow
With the sun on my face – in the ice
and the snow. . .
And if you don’t know where you’re heading
Any road will take you there.
– George Harrison