Another October. Another 31 photo-montages in 31 days.

With a full-time job,  and a full-time life,  this is a bit of creative discipline
to keep the imagination and skills alive.

This series is put together from erotic images downloaded from the internet.

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All art is erotic. ~ Gustav Klimt

The artist’s experience lies so unbelievably close to the sexual, to its pain and its pleasure, that the two phenomena are really just different forms of one and the same longing and bliss. ~ Rainer Maria Rilke

If you bring your sexual impulses to your creative work… you’ll be working from deep in the genetic code, down where life wants to make new life and feel good in the process. ~ Eric Maisel

No nude, however abstract, should fail to arouse in the spectator some vestige of erotic feeling… The desire to grasp and be united with another human is so fundamental a part of our nature that our judgement of what is known as ‘pure form’ is inevitably influenced by it, and one of the difficulties of the nude as a subject for art is that these instincts cannot be hidden. ~ Sir Kenneth Clark

The exotic and the erotic ideals go hand in hand, and this fact also contributes another proof of a more or less obvious truth – that is, that a love of the exotic is usually an imaginative projection of a sexual desire. ~  Mario Praz

If my work is pornography, so what? I don’t have any moral compunction about pornography. Any feelings I have about it are purely stylistic… I don’t see why it should be excluded as a serious subject. ~ David Salle

I do not deny that I have made drawings and watercolors of an erotic nature. But they are always works of art. ~ Egon Schiele

The sexual embrace can only be compared with music and with prayer. ~ Marcus Aurelius

Why can’t we all just acknowledge that ‘nature’ – that is, ‘sex’ or ‘erotic’ images, which are really just ‘attracters’ are everywhere. Of course a flower looks like what it looks like – that’s what it is – to a bee. ~ Sara Genn

Just erotic. Nothing kinky. It’s the difference between using a feather and using a chicken.
~ Terry Pratchett

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“One photo-montage a day for October. Theme: KaleidoscopEROTIC.

“the principle of collage is the central principle of all art in the 20th century.” — Donald Barthelme (1931-1989)”

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