Blue. Period.

Another year. Another October. Another 31 photo-montages in 31 days.

With a full-time job,  and a full-time life,  this is a bit of creative discipline to keep the imagination and skills alive.

Mostly put together from photographs taken that day on the streets of New York City.

In October 2012 – I did this 31 part image/text story in 31 days – “Nigh Trip” – HERE.  

“You start to think, when you’re younger, how important everything is and how things have to go right—your job, your career, your life, your choices, and all of that. Then, after a while, you start to realize that – I’m talking the big picture here – eventually you die, and eventually the sun burns out and the earth is gone, and eventually all the stars and all the planets in the entire universe go, disappear, and nothing is left at all. Nothing – Shakespeare and Beethoven and Michelangelo gone. And you think to yourself that there’s a lot of noise and sound and fury – and where’s it going? It’s not going any place… Now, you can’t actually live your life like that, because if you do you just sit there and – why do anything? Why get up in the morning and do anything? So I think it’s the job of the artist to try and figure out why, given this terrible fact, you want to go on living.” ~  Woody Allen

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Blue. Period.”

“31 works, 31 days, October 2013.”

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