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34″ x 34″ – on display at Center Camp, Burning Man 2019 ~

Aug 25 – Sept 3, Black Rock City, Nevada


the artists. . .



A companion booklet
featuring the essay “False Epiphanies & True Treasure” by T. Remington,
was distributed at Burning Man 2019 next to the above artwork in Center Camp.

You can read the words HERE.


Artwork and story-book installed at Center Camp Cafe



Comments from the
 Leave A Thought booklet



This is what my mind looks like when I am trying to sleep after a particularly eventful day.

This is incredible.  The people are amazing. Even if I am 71 and this is my first Burn I can assure you it’s so cool and worth the 25 hours of flight from Europe.

Art is everything.

Being at the Burn is a constant reminder of how magical and blessed it is to exist. – Tango

Embrace your creativity and your love, be inclusive and do your best.

I appreciate you.

My dad will come to BRC with me – this will shift my dynamic family, personal future.

We are so lucky.

I hate dick, Just kidding! I love it!

Fill your mind, not your pockets.

I’ve been trying to do it all by myself – then realized I’m only as good as the inspiration I give. But YOU inspired us. Thank you.

Burning Man is a place where we both celebrate and mourn simultaneously .

Collage Collagen Collegial Colliloquoy

Does Leave A Thought really comply with Leave No Trace?

Love this! Reminds me of my 17 year old daughter who likes to express herself through collage.
Love & Light.

Its not always going to be alright, but that’s alright.

George Seurat has an orgsam that lasted three days.

Fun art – so many visuals. Thank you.

Don’t do art. It’s very tiresome. It’s better to work in an office. 🙂

We are made of stories made flesh.

Beautiful images. – Deah

Good things take time – be patient with yourself.

aaah. wa. wow. whoa! hah! nicely done. 🙂 – Eratic

There is no outer world. This is our home. This is where we want to be.

Circles. Always circles. Way through.

Hi. Thank you for your interpretation. I see overlapping circles filled with symbols,
iconic images and color. It is the art created by humans to explain themselves,
tell stories and love/hate each other in the process.
It is how we are built, but this internal struggle affects all differently. – Snowflake.

Hold on – the good stuff in the future is worth it. Grateful I’m still here. 🙂

Be wild and wander.

So – is the Hokey Pokey what it’s all about?

Burning Man delights me.

Burning Man is everyone’s interpretation of Burning Man. – John O. Willoughby

Too much noise. D.D.

If we all love dressing like this . . . why don’t we just dress like this all the time?

Memento Mori

Every straight line eventually curves. – Dree

Expectations are premeditated resentments. – Crywalker

Wow…Today I get to be me! I don’t get that opportunity often! <3 – Sara


Just WOW! And how long did this take?

Thoughts are things you choose to think.  Choose wisely.

Tripp. Thank you. Richard Hamilton


Hyst riding the cosmic wave.  Sometimes you get pummeled .
If you make it back up just paddle back out and wait for the next one.
Sometimes you ride it all the way to the shore.

Plurality of Christs. Implaisible Singularity. Wet Cement. Ghastly, wind tossed void.

Save the Amazonia.

Wondrous overload! So much to see, so little time. Artists rock.  <3 Burning In Iowa

The key to success is being too stupid to know you can’t.
Even if you fail, you learn something trying. You learn the most by putting everything into the effort.

It’s been 322 days since I last used heroin and I couldn’t be happier.
But I understand why people throw  whole away for it and I think about it every day.

If all we get is experience ,. . . what are we waiting for?

We are all art, and art is all of us.

Keep my little sister in your prayers today.
She is going into surgery for her lung while fighting the evil cancer. Fuck cancer.

Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.

What a wonderful memory I can’t quite reach.

I just sneezed and it was very euphoric.

Awaken your inner child. Laugh with your heart. Love without limits. And shower in gratitude.

Thanks. It was a perfect meeting with pure art, Love your collage.! <3

Stop looking behind while you walk forward – you’ll just trip.

Make eye contact with the next person you you see and tell them you love them.

Look up more often.

You are strong.
You are thoughtful and kind and stubborn and independent and loving and critical
and funny to yourself. You find the good in the bad and the light in the darkness.
Please don’t change.

When the love of power overcomes the power of love. . . we will know true cChaos.
But then again . . .why so serious?  )'(  Phen

We are all just walking each other home – for how long we never know –
but I will love us for however long we hold hands. – priestessofgoodvibes

From the first prints on the the cave wall to the last sculpture of metal we don’t even know.
May they last for as long as they should and a moment longer.