Haggling At The Mirage


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“Haggling At The Mirage

[digital photo-montage]

40″x40″ – on display at Center Camp, Burning Man 2014 ~ theme: Caravansary, Aug 25 – Sept 1, Black Rock City, Nevada


Self-Portrait of the Artist  ~ at work on a rooftop in Harlem, NYC . . .




A companion booklet – including the short story “WARES” by T. Remington, will be distributed at Burning Man 2014 next to the above artwork in Center Camp. This is the booklet artwork, also viewable at the Anomaly Works NYC blog here!




The previous four years’ pieces at Burning Man:

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AleXander’s portfolio: http://tinyurl.com/aleXanderhirka-portfolio


As in the past, I hung up a little tablet/pen next to my artwork at Burning Man for anyone wishing to share thoughts.
Here are this year’s comments (including some drawings):



Aug 26 2014  Early morning. Klimt was a womanizer and he would have had me!



Steve from Astoria (Queens, not F * ing Oregon) Love your work.


AleXander –  Another great collage. Thank you. Emilio


Fabuloso 🙂


Fuck Yeeeah! Thanks for the beauty, creativity and Passion. Much love, Bridget


Hells Kitch Represent. Nice Work. Happy Burn. Steve 3PO


Beyond Wonderful. Thank you for something wonderful to look at after a long dust storm!


Wonderful idea! I love it. Great Work.  Yellow


There are some interesting insects, moths camouflage on your art. The one large moth is at 5:19 + K.


🙂  from the upper east side!


Only in NY


Love your work.  🙂 6:30 + D Streets. “Camp PornoPotty” “web” my project  thinkgroup.me Viper



Thanks for another great journey to Center of the Soul.

Completely magical. Only in my dreams.

And we were some of the children told the dust that glittered was really gold.

Thank you ever so much for sharing.

A bunch of universes, passing by, all having an impact on each other.

Thank you for bringing this.  Compass

The Louvre ain’t got nothin on the playa!

Love you, mean it – thanks for the vision – The Osborns

Just wish I’d come sooner.  Peace

Lovely movement.

Awesome Work!! Here’s a penis for you! penis

Lube good.

I’m Native American so I am home always. – BMM
Buena Obra.
I look around at the white sands, the dunes, and the very soil suited for creatures who are not us, and I make my little joke again about living on the Moon.  Though this is another planet truly. Time itself follows its own path around teh sun. And as the colonists struggle to adapt to this terrain, it’s unique gravity affecting their rhythms, we are each of us forced to make new traditions for ourselves.  Then let us do this.  We are a new people And then, when this planet expels us back to Earth, let us take these traditions and lessons with us.  There is no default. There is no Default World.
I had a point, I swear.
Jellybean Golovd
Make the media follow you, And not the other way around.
I loved the caravan going by the potties.  Thank you. 

Casa Mila – Gaudi
Starry Night – Van Gogh
American Gothic – Grant Wood
Sistine ceiling – Michaelangelo
Girl w/ Pearl – Vermeer
Mona Lisa – Leonardo daV
Marilyn – Warhol
Scream – Munch
Tower of Babel
Triptych – Bruegel
Mating trucks -2007
           G. Klimt
Nice memories – Nice Collage
Very sweet – after my own <3

This is so fucking good!  <3  Molly


Gorgeous Work!

(drawing) anonymous face



I would like to thank Philip Riley at Skink Ink Fine Art Printing once again for his outstanding high-quality printing work.

For the third year in a row I have chosen to have it printed on tyvek, which stands up better to the harsh environment of Burning Man while maintaining an absolutely amazing print quality.