Two Stories Up!

Two Stories Up!

During 2016 and 2017 The Anomalous Duo (that would be my life/art partner Tammy Remington and I) worked on a collaborative project called Two Stories Up!

Comprised of a very short story written by each of us, often with accompanying art, it was mailed bimonthly, via the postal system, to a select group of friends and fans.

Links to all the stories and art below – and the promotional video for the project HERE.


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April 2016 – Transition Bound

AleXander – “Two Places At Once (Mobius January)”

Tammy – “Point Tipped”

May 2016 – A Dog

Tammy – “Who’s Walking Who”

AleXander – “The List (A Synopsis)”


July 2016 – Gravity

AleXander  – “Falling Up”

Tammy – “Gravity Of The Situation”


September 2016 – Greed

Tammy – “The Universal Dog”

AleXander – “Packing Greed”


December 2016 – Gatsby (First & Last Lines)

AleXander – “Grand Awe”

Tammy – “Horizon”

Promotional Gatsby video


February 2017 – Topsy Turvy

Tammy – “Belly Up”

AleXander – “Command Control Plus/Minus”

Promotional Topsy Turvy video 


April 2017 – Winter Heart

AleXander – “Money Grows On You”

Tammy – “Where We Land”


July 2017 – Gender

Tammy – “His Father’s Son”

AleXander – “Uniforms R Viral”

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