Bob Dylan Mail Art Exhibition 1983

The Bob Dylan Mail-Art Exhibition

New York City, 24 May 1983

Almost 100 individuals from around the world participated in this Mail Art Exhibition on the theme of Bob Dylan.

The works were all displayed in the window of Carlo Pittore’s La Galleria dell’Occhio – 267 E. 10th Street, New York City, and a printed catalog was mailed to all participants, as well as other artists and institutions internationally.


Below is a list of all participants, as well as links to photos of the exhibition, scanned pages from the printed catalog, and audio selections from the cassette catalog.


The day of the opening of this exhibition, 24 May, Bob Dylan’s birth date, was also the Brooklyn Bridge Centennial. Those fireworks were “borrowed” to celebrate the opening of this event.


 Audio contributions were also encouraged – and a cassette catalog was produced.

For a limited time only you can click on the titles below to hear the actual recordings!


Dylan For Dollars – Jack Friedman

(©Jack Friedman – guitar, vocals, et cetera.  This brilliant piece was picked up by Nashville country/comedy act Pinkard & Bowden and released on their album “PG 13”. Their version was nowhere near as good.)

Highway 61 Revisted / Mozambique – Me & Teddy

(St. Scarlatina and Theo Dorian – vocals, fingersnaps / Elvis Presley – segue, edited by AleX Igloo)

In My Time Of Dyin’/ Well Well Well – VittoreBaroni

(Vittore Baroni – vocals, tennis racket)

Knockin On Heavens Door_Bob, Rus, Rev Lockart & Dr Rhythm

(Russell Bianca – guitar / Reverend Lockart – vocals)

Masters Of War, Uh-huh – AleX Igloo

(AleX Igloo – vocals, fingersnaps / Bob Dylan – laughing segue cue)


Trouble – disloKate Klammer

(disloKate Klammer – vocals, guitar / Russell Bianca – guitar/ AleX Igloo – percussion)

Masters Of War – Pete Horobin

(Pete Horobin – vocals)

The Fat Necked Men Laugh Because They Don’t Understand – Valbar

(Valerie Haller – vocals & arrangement / Bart Plantenga – poem & harmonica)

Mr Tambourine Man – Rich LaBonte

(Obscure recording of Dandy Lyon and the Weedpuffers (New Jersey, 1965) processed through the Synthi’A’ by Rich LaBonte (Los Angeles, 1983); Rich LaBonte – vocals, guitar/ Billy Hoffman – lead guitar/ Dennis ‘Ace’ Lopez – bass / Richard Huges – drums)


About Artistamps:



Contributors / Participants

As I review this project 31 years later, I also feel great sadness that many of these individuals with whom I shared art and life via the postal system and the Mail Art Network have departed from their visit to the planet. My sister is among those here. Perhaps even more are gone, whose exit I have not heard about yet.

I am deeply grateful for everyone who contributed to this crazy little project – as I likewise contributed to hundreds of Mail Art shows around the world in those years. (I have about two bookshelves full of catalogs from shows like this in which I participated.)


Vittore Baroni
Guglielmo Achille Cavellini
Angelo Vitale
Serse Luigetti
Ubaldo Giacomucci
Biagio D’Egidio
Ruggero Maggi
Daniele Ciullini
Vittorio Baccelli

Waclaw Ropiecki
Andrzej Dudek-Durer

Michael Scott
Michael Leigh
Robin Crozier

Wally Darnell

Robert Fischer

Sandor Gogoljak
Nenad Bogdanovic
Helga Nikolic

Poul Estig

Pat Larter

Thomas F. Farkas
Balazs Peter Kovacs

Henning Mittendorf
Bernd Olbrich
Aloys Ohlman

Henk Fahkeldig

Masami Akita

Guy Bleus
Thierry Tillier

Dimosthenis Agrafiotis

Carlo Pittore – NYC
Robin Willoughby – Buffalo, NY
Bart Plantenga – Ocean Grove, NJ
Buster Cleveland – Talmage, CA
St. Scarlatina – NYC
Barbara Ferguson -Woodmere,NY
Crack Jack Kid – Omaha, NE
Artfoot ’83 – Berkeley, CA
Joel Lipman – Toledo, OH
K. S. Ernst – Farmingdale, NJ
Michael Row – Santa Barbara, CA
Ed Atkeson – Albany, NY
R. J. Sky – Milwaukee- WI
Bill Whorall – Shoals, IN
Post Industrialism – Gulfport, FL
Rigor Mortis – Oakland, CA
Dana Friis-Hansen – Northfield MN
Ken Lerner – Northampton, MA
Tuli Kupferberg – NYC
Michael T. Robinson
– Philadelphia, PA
Minoy – Redondo Beach, CA
Kris Tigerlady – Chicagio, IL
Brendan De Vallance – Chicago, IL
Peter Craigie – Philadelphia, PA
John P. Jacob – NYC
James A. Johnson – Boulder, CO
Lon Spiegelman
Los Angeles, CA
A. Vanderburgh
– Santa Barbara,CA
D.O.G. – Corpus Christi, TX
Edgar Allen Bushmiller
Norfolk, VA
A. Knoblauch – Bozrah, CT

John Evans, NYC
Bill Gaglione – San Francisco,CA
Leavenworth Jackson
San Francisco, CA
Lynn Charles Foster – Salem, OR
Anonymous – Texas
Philip A. Gore – Wooster, OR
Jack O. Heart – Acton, MA
Al Ackerman – San Antonio, TX
dislocate Klammer – NYC
Arturo Falico – Saratoga, CA
Russell Bianca – Brooklyn, NY
aka Creative Thing – Whittier, CA
Gene Elder – San Antonio, TX
Buz Blurr – Gurdon, AK
Anonymous – NYC
Mark Melnicove
– So.Harpswell, ME
Richard C. – Winston-Salem, NC
Jim Bohn – NYC
Jan Wilson Kaufman
– Oakland, CA
Chris Laux – NYC
Irma Perez – San Diego, CA
Rockola – San Francisco, CA
Stephen Rowan – Berkeley, CA
Skooter – Hollywood, CA
Alice Terry – Key West, FL
Maggetson – Norfolk, VA
Peter Becker – San Francisco, CA
John Bennett – Columbus, OH
Dan Chusid – Ocean Beach, CA
Curtis R. Uebelhor
– Edwardsville,IL
Bruce Prussack
– New Hyde Park, NY

Thanks to these publications for helping spread the invitation:

Umbrella, RubberStampMadness, Rhubarb, Bambu, Stampola, and Pardon My Mirth Marks.


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