This Film Will Flutter

This Film Will Flutter (And Fade To Black)

Behind us: nothing; we come in through a door.
The game is very much already in progress.
We haven’t heard of Galileo yet — so we think we are the center.
We are dealt a hand.
Off we go with our notebooks trying to make sense.
We hear stories.
When they make us feel good and capture our imaginations we fill our blank pages with them.
The others have been here longer — they must know what this is about.
One hears amazing legends of gods, warriors and princesses; the powers of ghosts and stars.
We don’t want to say things that will get frowned upon, that isolate us, and remind us that we stumbled upon this place by accident.
Fit in. Being alone can be scary.
Eventually we stumble upon the Animal Facts.
Sex, and its possibilities compartmentalized.
And that other carefully disguised truth: that there is an Exit Door to all this that we will each face at some point ~ time and place: unknown (Surprise!) — located somewhere under the powerful wheels of Time.
Entertainments are rolled out — like magic tricks,
sleight of hand, drawing away attention.
Grand creations to participate in and mundane distractions to consume.
The summarizing line: This is not an unlimited run in a theater of action, comedy, and tragedy.
Lady Luck is the usher here.
This film will flutter — and — fade to black.
[Make of this visit what you will.]



“Bodhisattva “ (digital photo-montage, 2017) AleXander Hirka