There was a time when I thought writing was my one and only calling.
Back then I had a nice collection of rejection slips.
In the mid-1970s I started creating visual art and for the next four+ decades it was my creative focus.
Since 2016 I’ve done more and more writing, culminating with this year’s (2018) October project, “Heliocentric”.
Links below.

My only non-self-published piece was humorous erotic bonbon published in Screw Magazine in 1984: “Slav Of Love”.

There are a few other short items, ranging from 1975 to 2012, available here:

Writings on MEDIUM.com (fiction, essays, poetry)
Heliocentric (31 sketches, October 2018)
Death By Search Engine (December 2017)
Just Runaways (July 2017)
This Film Will Flutter (And Fade To Black) (poem, 2014)
Two Stories Up! (collaboration with Tammy Remington, 2016-2017)
Devil In Deskeyes (1975)
Slav Of Love (erotic humor, Screw Magazine – 1984)
Seven Stops  (2015)
Notes Of An Agitated Citizen    (September 2001)
Burning Man Notes – Before & After  (2005)


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