“Blind Leading The Blind (Question Rituals)”
 after Pieter Bruegel the Elder (1525-1569)

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35″x35″ – on display at Center Camp, Burning Man 2017 ~

Aug 27 – Sept 4, Black Rock City, Nevada



A companion booklet
featuring the short story “UNEXAMINED RITUALS” by T. Remington,
was distributed at Burning Man 2017 next to the above artwork in Center Camp.

Artwork and story-book installed at Center Camp Cafe

Art admirers with tails are always appreciated.


Polaroid of artwork left as gift by someone.

Comments from the Please Leave A Thought booklet


Incredibly beautiful and so well thought-out.  Loved this piece “Blind Leading The Blind” – thank you for sharing this with us.
Critical thought needs to be encouraged in this time more than ever.  <3

This is the first art piece I’ve seen here calling me to question the validity of ritual, or any rituals. I really appreciated the push back.  Question Rituals.  I’ll give it a think . . . Kellyn

This is sooo good!

Reminds me of a childhood book, “The Eleventh Hour” [Graeme Base] that I haven’t thought about in . . . 25 years!?  Thank you <3


Great work!! I guess we are all looking for a leader when we should be leading ourselves.  Tan

This is right.

AleXander “Bosch” Hirka
We love you!


I feel we are the Blind leading the Blind. But what I get from your artwork is that we have to admit it to ourselves in order to free ourselves from; which is hard because it is easier to follow blindly.  I wonder how our understanding of the collective unconscious contributes to this discussion you create. I think we are hard wired to be blind. It’s our challenge.  Snowflake.

Carry those you have lost with you at all times. They made you who you are. They are with you because they are part of you.

Find your own personal and meaningful ritual by sitting in meditation!

Do your best and forget the rest.

This piece is both fascinating and scary for me.  Brainless zombies affected for power games for decades. . . And false treasures. . . Thank you for your art, BM is the freedom.  –  Richard,  dance for the dawn

Love this!  Question power. Question Auuthority especially. Question everything. XOX

Very fascinating!  Question the wisdom or lack thereof in our society. LilithMarie

Make art – the creative mind sees endless possibilities. Thank you. J

Rituals only have the power we ascribe to them. No reverence, no power. And vice versa.

Question but don’t be so quick to dismiss. . . there is good and bad in all that persists.

We ignore the details in the fabric when looking at the big picture.  Look deep, look within.

Do you know that you are an artist? Joy is your canvas. Just PLAY. X

Absolutely love.

I love your attention to detail!!  – Jux

The thing is, I love TV.  It helped raise me. It helped educate me. Yes, there are social norms I have had to overcome, and I work on that, but the comfort of a TV is real for me.

Great premise: Question rituals!

Something profound is just around the corner. Depending on your perspective.

Rituals are a way to connect to our past   Previous Humanity   It was good enough for them thus should respect.
(crossed out and added below):  Fuck that!

This is by far my favorite art up at Center Camp – so much detail! I would enjoy a print of this.   Stormy D

Wonderful montage.   Honest John & Barney

Thanks for shaking me out of the RUTS of everyday consciousness and taking me for a spin inside your splendid brain!  <3  a fan


I want to spend an hour looking at it. Amazing!

Question the leaders of the rituals!

Created for greatness – this is who you are!  Creativity and imagination is limitless.

Woooow!!  Amazing !!  Chris

I cannot stop looking at this.  Gonna rest my eyes and be back tho.

Trying to process . . . struggling.  Amazing piece.

What does the ritual even mean to you.

Wow!! Everything amazing.  Thanxxx. Michere from Tokyo

Keep asking “why”?

Humans are awesome!!

Kindness can make someone’s day.  Always be kind.  To everyone, always.  Spread that shit everywhere.

Stay Hungry!




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