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While the corporate-owned ma$$ media manipulates information in attempting to coronate Hillary Clinton,
and as it staggers drunk on Donald Trump’s theatrical arrogance,
We The People
are soberly and persistently trying to get the name, and practical common sense political ideas,
of Bernie Sanders before as many people as possible before the primary election in New York City on April 19.

Simply – people are getting sidewalk chalk and writing “Bernie Sanders 2016” on sidewalks and street crossings all over the city.
It’s something anyone could be doing on their way to work, or just out for a stroll, on even enjoying a day of political activism out marauding the city with chalk.

Always ready for a reset from a rainstorm, “Bernie Sanders 2016” is prepared to reappear as easily as it disappeared.

Perhaps people all around the city would get interested, examine Bernie’s positions on the issues, get excited, and as a result become supportive right in Bernie’s home town.

Click HERE for Bernie on the issues!  

A tune to hum while you chalk . . .
The Sidewalks of New York”
Two individuals inspired this group:
(Dick van Dyke) the street chalk artist from Mary Poppins
BreakUp B.I.G. Banksy
artist/activist who is sticker marauding for Bernie Sanders in NYC



Official Bernie Sanders WEBSITE.

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