“Fertile Mind (My Muses Brought Me An Egg)”

aleXander hirka (photography and digital montage)

all photographs taken in New York City & Black Rock City

40″x40″ – on display at Center Camp, Burning Man 2012
Fertility 2.0, Aug 27 – Sept 3, Black Rock City, Nevada



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click on thumbnails to enlarge (photos by T. Remington)

I left a small book for people to write any thoughts regarding the work.
Below are the comments shared.


Beautiful work.

Bad Ass! ! ! !

Amazing work. Reminds me of my insanity in the default! Continue to be excellent.

Love it!

Love your work – love you more! <3

email me information about your beautiful work!

Cool! You kind of do stuff like M. C. Escher! But with other stuff.

Captivating. I’ve been here for 10 minutes and I’m still intrigued. You’ve really captured the ovo-ave complex.

I spent several hours of my life looking at this piece and I’m not even close to being done. Can I have it?


Epic. Mindblowing. 1st burn.

Thank you.

Great art. Loved it. 6 burns. Imagination Love Behind.

You just became my fave live artist.

I think it’s really cut what you make.


An appropriate use of one of the most over used words in the English language today: “Amazing”!

Great art. Love It.

Absolutely Love Your Talent.

Beautiful. Thank you for sharing your gift. <3


Thank you.

This is stunning!