There was a time when I thought writing was my one and only calling.
Back then I had a nice collection of rejection slips.
In the mid-1970s I started creating visual art and for the next four+ decades it was my creative focus.
Since 2016 I’ve done more and more writing, culminating with this year’s (2018) October project, “Heliocentric”.
Links below.

My only non-self-published piece was humorous erotic bonbon published in Screw Magazine in 1984: “Slav Of Love”.

There are a few other short items, ranging from 1975 to 2012, available here:

Heliocentric (31 sketches, October 2018)
This Film Will Flutter (And Fade To Black) (poem, 2014)
Two Stories Up! (collaboration with Tammy Remington, 2016-2017)
Devil In Deskeyes (1975)
Slav Of Love (erotic humor, Screw Magazine – 1984)
Seven Stops  (2015)
Notes Of An Agitated Citizen    (September 2001)
Burning Man Notes – Before & After  (2005)


(This website also has a Guest Room where I will be sharing the works of other writers.)